Why Work With Us?

SHARING Knowledge

One week you’ll be getting design workflow support, another you’ll be diving deep into system architecture, yet another you'll be writing copy.


Our HQ is in Melbourne, so of course we have a coffee machine.


We're a multi-skilled team who are passionate about the products we create.


Those who help to build SEED deserve to receive stock in SEED.


See an opportunity? Outside core roles, simply gather group buy-in and receive the support needed to build out your concept.


The main reason we set weekday hours of 10am-6pm is to be supported by each other’s generously shared expertise as often as possible.

We are focused on growth through learning.

You at SEED

Whoever you are, you have value to contribute to the world.

If we’re speaking your language, tell us what lights you up and maybe we can work together. If not now, perhaps someday – just keep in touch as SEED grows. We’d love you to share your projects and successes below.

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